The GAYC Certified Teacher of the Year award is given to an outstanding Georgia-certified teacher of children in preschool through grade 3.

Award criteria

Recipients of the Certified Teacher of the Year award must meet the following criteria:

  • Outstanding certified teacher in Preschool through Grade 3
  • Nominated by certified public and/or private school teachers or administrators

Recipients of the Certified Teacher of the Year award

  • 2016: Channie Frazier

Channe FrazierChannie Frazier is a lead Pre-K teacher at Kid’s World Learning Center in Statesboro, GA. During her employment at Kid’s World Learning Center, she has exemplified high quality, commitment, dedication, and loyalty. Channie took the lead in guiding and assisting other classrooms through the NAEYC Accreditation project, helping others to understand the criteria and how to apply it in their classrooms.  During the center’s Quality Rated process, Channie made sure that her Pre-K classroom was maintaining above average standards.  While employed at Kid’s World Learning Center, she has increased her own knowledge in the field of early childhood care and education by obtaining her Master’s Degree and is imparting that knowledge to new potential teachers in the child care field by teaching on-line courses in early childhood education. Channie is also a top three finalist for Pre-K Teacher of the Year in private programs.

  • 2015: Rhonda Doster
  • 2014: Erin Wright
  • 2013: Kelly Craig
  • 2012: Nakeshia Wright
  • 2011: Melissa Webb
  • 2009: Becky Gianinio
  • 2008: Suzanne Hood
  • 2007: Beth Peterson
  • 2006: Joanna Green
  • 2005: Cathy Brooks
  • 2004: Pamela Porter
  • 1997: Earnestine E. Ezekiel
  • 1992: Kathryn Fox May